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About Us

Founded in 2004, TSH Tree Service strives daily to prioritize the safety of our team and the local community. We set out every day with the goal to preserve and respect the landscape and environment that we live and recreate in, thereby improving the local landscape and forest for future generations as well as visitors to the Summit county region. Over our 17 years of service to our Summit County community, we have grown to become the leading competitive local tree service choice. We have been committed to shaping a silviculture approach to tree management in our Summit County towns and forests. Our passion extends beyond tree management, and we work had every day to provide high-quality and fair services to our clients.

What We Do

The TSH Tree Service team implements both local and international tree industry best practices in our everyday arboreal tasks. Our arborists are continually developing and honing their skills, knowledge, and technics to ensure the best services at the fairest prices. We offer low-impact, safe, and reliable tree services to clients in Summit County, Eagle County, and Park County. In order to preserve the beauty of the Colorado landscape for future generations, we balance the values of forest health with the following services: species aesthetics, screening and privacy, wildfire mitigation, utility, traffic and recreation, disease and insect management, windthrow property risk mitigation, and public safety. Our goal is to preserve and improve the local landscape and forest for current and future Colorado residents and visitors to the Summit, Eagle, and Park Counties.

Our Founder

Teague Holmes began learning the Arborist trade while attending high school in Western New York. He continued his passion for the outdoors into college with a Wilderness Recreation Leadership and Environmental Education degree. In 1998, he relocated to Breckenridge, Colorado and started the now thriving TSH full-service tree removal company in 2005. He strives to continue to be a contributing part of the great Summit County community through his many business partnerships and his work with local charity organizations such as Summit County Youth, The Summit Education Foundation, and Friends of the Dillon Ranger District.


“For all the community and mountains have done for me, it’s the least I can do to give back.” -- Teague Holmes

We are dedicated to preserving your trees, land, and home.

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