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in Summit, Eagle, and Park County

Your home is an incredible investment. It’s more than just a place to live; it’s your sanctuary. At TSH, we understand this. We make preserving and protecting your landscape and home our priority. We make it a point to offer high-quality and expert tree services at a fair price, so every homeowner is able to ensure a beautiful and safe landscape. We offer a comprehensive range of valuable forestry services, including tree removal, tree planting, landscaping, and fire protection consultation. Our team is staffed with forestry experts, including trained arborists and tree surgeons to aid in long-lasting and healthy trees. We provide tree and forestry services to our communities in Summit County, Eagle County, and Park County, including the following locations:

No job is too complicated nor too routine. Let us show you how our team handles forestry service with professionalism and respect for your property.

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Every job is unique, and package pricing never serves customers. Our individualized quotes guarantee you receive fair pricing.

A Full Range of Forestry Services for Colorado-Based Homeowners

From tree removable to beetle mitigation, trained arborists and tree surgeons help you manage your landscape and preserve your home. We are proud to provide all the following services to homeowners located in Breckenridge, Vail, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, Blue River, Fairplay, Avon, Alma, Keystone, Edwards, Aspen.

Tree Removal

Removing any tree can pose risks to your property and the safety of those attempting the job. We have decades of experience providing tree and stump removal services, so you can be confident in the safety of your landscape and home.

Disease Treatment

When the health of your trees is compromised, our arborists will visit your property to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment to help get your landscape back to tip-top shape.

Beetle Kill Removal

Mountain Pine Beetles have greatly impacted the health and stability of Colorado’s forests. TSH is your resource for beetle eradication and removal from the trees on your property.

Beetle Prevention

Eliminate the issues caused by Mountain Pine Beetle infestation before they move in. Our team will provide you with a thorough landscape inspection and treatment that will keep your forest safe.


Our team is available for a wide variety of landscaping services, both to aid in the beauty and safety of your property. In addition to tree trimming and tree pruning we will also cable and brace large trees to maintain their stability and protect your home.

Tree Planting

Take advantage of all the benefits that come from having trees around your home. Our team will help you determine the best foliage fit for your landscape and plant them to perfectly complement your home. Additionally, we will help with reforestation and incorporating native, Colorado species into your landscape.


The TSH team is experienced with skid machines, winching, and log grapple work. We are available for small excavation projects.

Woodchip Delivery

When removing unwanted trees from properties, our team will often turn them into woodchips that can be repurposed. We gladly offer woodchipping services to help clean up your lot and will also deliver woodchips to your property.


Depending on the size of the trees we remove, we occasionally have firewood available for pickup. Please call us for availability and pricing.

Teague and Mike were recommended to me, we tried them out on our property and now recommend them to all Ruby Ranch homeowners. They work hard for a fair price.

Pat Tormey
Ruby Ranch HOA Board Member

I only work with people I trust. They kept it simple with no surprises. I am more than satisfied and recommend them with confidence. Love life.

Daniel Webster
RE/MAX Properties Realtor

When I need trees removed I call Teague and Mike. They get the job done fast and efficient every time!

Lou Fishman
Level 1 Building - Owner

I'm delighted with the fire mitigation plan Teague did for our house in Blue River. I was concerned that the look of our home would charge drastically with a number of trees removed and many others limbed up. Instead the whole place just looks cleaned up and very attractive AND I'm relieved to have a plan in place. In addition, Teague was very easy to work with and his price was quite reasonable. I highly recommend him for any fire mitigation plan you would like to have professionally carried out. Thanks Teague!

Kathy Bepler

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