Hazardous Fuels Reduction (HFR) Projects

Save with Summit County’s 50/50 Matching Grant

What is Hazardous Fuels Reduction?

Hazardous Fuels Reduction (HFR) is often thought of as fire mitigation however it is much more than that. HFR focuses on tree removal, including but not limited to dead trees, downed or diseased trees, and trimming of trees. It also encompasses removal and/or relocation of ground fuels such as fallen piles of leaves and needles, mulch, and firewood piles.

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Summit County Wildfire Mitigation Grants

Summit County will reimburse eligible homeowners 50% of the cost of Hazardous Fuels Reduction (HFR) projects. Call us to learn more or visit Summit County’s website.

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Blue Rive Defensible Space Grants

The Town of Blue River offers an additional $100 incentive for any Blue River homeowner who participates in the Summit County 50/50 Matching Grant program. This reduces homeowner out-of-pocket costs by 50% +$100. Call or visit Blue River’s website to learn more.

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